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Programa de Pós-Graduação - Gestão da Informação

Postgraduate Program in Information Management

The Postgraduate Program in Information Management (PPGInfo) brings together professionals from Library and Information Science and related areas, with different experiences, for the discussion of topics related to the management of organizations that deal with information, in order to propose solutions to concrete problems of management of information units.


The Postgraduate Program in Information Management (PPGInfo) aims to train high-level professionals, committed to ethics and the economic, social and educational function of information regarding citizenship, capable of solving non-trivial problems in information management, creating and disseminating technical and scientific knowledge for innovation.

Specifically, the Professional Master’s Course in Management of Information Units aims to:

Mobilize interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological contributions of Science in order to qualify professional, reflective and critical information managers, from the different realities that constitute information units at local, regional, national and international level;

Develop skills in planning, leadership and teamwork;

Innovate the professional capacity for the exercise of information (and units of information) management activities;

Provide a problematized view of management associated with information resources, services and products;

Reflect the economic, educational, cultural and ethical-social implications of the work of librarians and other information professionals in different institutional contexts.


Professional Profile

The Program grants to the student rich theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable management not only of libraries, but also of other kinds of information units, such as Museums, Archives and Documentation Centers. The emphasis of the course is given to management activities. The technical specificities of each professional acquired during the course will gain a new meaning and power with the formative proposal of the professional master's degree.

Basic Area: Information Science

Evaluation Area: Communication and Information

Concentration Area: Information Management

Modality: Professional Master's

Evaluation: CAPES

Coordinator: Professor Dr Marcia Silveira Kroeff

Vice-coordinator: Professor Dr Julibio David Ardigo

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