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Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação

Program: Graduate Program in Education
Level: Master and Doctorate
Research Areas: Education
Research Lines: Education, Communication and Technology; History and Historiography of Education.
Coordinator: Prof Dr. Geovana Mendonça Lunardi Mendes

The graduate program in education, master’s and doctorate, organizes into two research lines: “history and historiography of education” and “education, communication and technology”, around which the research projects structure, the disciplines offered, the guidelines and their other activities. The two lines configure themselves as axes that articulate the research interests of the program and, in its specificity, provide the interdisciplinary work, allowing the contribution and the various visions, theoretical approaches and methodological – epistemological traditions. The line of education, communication and technology, investigates the existing interfaces between these areas with an emphasis on the study, development and evaluation of innovate approaches. It is focused on reflections on educational paradigms that pedagogical proposals developed in scenarios of formal education, non formal, distance and retraining. The line of history and historiography of Education expressed the commitment of the program with the development of investigations that include the history and historiography of Brazilian and Santa Catarina Education in its multiple approaches, objects and sources.
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