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Pós-Graduação em História


History Graduate Program – HGP

Levels: Master and Doctorate
Research Areas: History of Present Time
Research Lines: Languages and Identifications; Political Cultures and Sociability;  Memory Policies and Historical Narratives
Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Mariana Joffily
Vice-coordinator: Prof. Dr. Rogério Rosa Rodrigues

Program Objectives:

The History Graduate Program with concentration area in Current History, has the objective of preparing professionals for research and production of historical knowledge of the area, providing the entry to a public post-graduation program compromised with quality. Through the Master´s and Doctorate Programs, it will be possible to widen and deepen the potential of History as a form of knowledge of the contemporary world transformations. These include the mobility of populations and the implications of urbanization and identity tensions, the rearrangements of the world of labor and the emergence of a virtual economy, the role of mass communication media and expansion of information technologies, the emergence of new modes of social organization and political action exercises, the valuation of memory and institution of patrimonialization processes, in addition to the institution of new behavioral standards and family configurations.

Master´s Program in History (Beginning in 2007);
Doctorate Program in History (Beginning in 2014).

Concentration area:  History of the Present Time

Research lines:

  •    Political Cultures and Sociabilities;
  •    Languages and Identification;
  •    Memory policies and historical narratives).

Program Differentials (Strengths):

Commitment with advising and compliance with defense deadlines, laboratories, interface with Basic Education, the qualified formation of professionals, scholarships, bibliographic resources, qualified journal publications, capacitation of external resources, insertion into national and international research networks, and the organization of reference international events.

Minimum formation and other requirements for ingress:

Accordingto provided in the Notice.

Form/period of ingress:

Ingress occurs annually, with the publication of selection Notice between October and November. The selection stages are analysis and selection of projects, written exam (elimination) and argumentation (qualifying). The approved candidates ingress into the program in the second semester (calendar year) of each year. Rules and alterations are provided in the notice.

Selection/Ingress Notice:
Teaching staff:
Program website:
Telephone number:  55 (48) 3664-8586
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