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PPG em Planejamento Territorial e Desenvolvimento Socioambiental - Profissional

Program: Graduate Program in Territorial Planning and Socio-Environmental Development

Level: Professional Master
Research Areas: Territorial Planning and Socio-Environmental
Research Lines: Analysis and environmental management; Territorial Planning and Social Economic and Spatial Development
Coordinator: Prof Dr Isa de Oliveira Rocha

The graduate program in Territorial Planning and Social and Environmental Development – Professional Masters – MPPT began its activities in the educational and academic year 2007, with the entrance of the first class. With the joint to the Department of geography (DGs) of the Center for Humanities and Education, the course counts with the infrastructure of the laboratories of Geoprocessing, Cartography, Geology and Mineralogy, Urban and Regional Planning and Climate and Studies Oceanic and also the Nucleus of Environmental Studies (NEA), Public Policy (NEPP), Studies of Gender and Family (LAGEF) and of the Group PET-geography-UDESC (Special Training Program, MEC-SESU). On the whole, the Professional Masters in Territorial Planning and Social and Environmental Development is focused on the most relevant issues of Territorial Planning, dealt with through a multidisciplinary perspective and in close dialogue with the Catarinense and Brazilian social reality and with the scientific production in the area in regional, national and international levels. From the academic point of view, the course focuses on building basic and specific knowledge on Territorial Planning, allied to an interdisciplinary reflection, empirical and theoretical-methodological. In this way, and based on the experience already accumulated by its faculty, the program counts with students with different formations, such as: geography, architecture, sociology, biology, economics, history, political science, health, mathematics, statistics, anthropology, engineering, among others. The Program aims to consider comprehensively and interrelated the process of society and nature. Emphasis is given to the development of the field of main techniques of planning, always contextualized by the theoretical interpretations of the results obtained in terms of environmental and social processes. The masters course aims to qualify professionals with practical and theoretical instrumental, favoring an interdisciplinary  approach in the context of urban and regional planning and development and socio-environmental management, to the business market of the public administration and private initiative.

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